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10 most commonly used packaging inner

In this post, our company ZD Packaging will share 10 most commonly used packaging inner.


  1. EVA is the most commonly used liner for hardcover boxes, which can be die-cut in any shape. Good elasticity, sticky flannel, laminating paper are suitable.

Disadvantages: flavor, It needs to be in the sun to get rid of the smell

Advantages: moisture-proof, shock-proof, pressure-resistant, toughness enough to bend.

10 most commonly used packaging inner

2. XPE
XPE is very similar to pearl cotton, smooth texture, beautiful, commonly used in tea boxes.

Advantages: not easy to deform, insulation sealing, water resistance, anti-corrosion, environmental protection, shockproof.

Suitable for: hardware tools, power tools, tea, cosmetics, perfume, glass fragile products packaging

10 most commonly used packaging inner

EPE is made of polyethylene foam, the price is more affordable compared to EVA and XPE, and no smell. It can be flocked, laminated with cardboard and special paper.

Advantages: environmental protection, anti-static, thermal insulation, anti-collision, pressure resistance, anti-corrosion and so on.

Applicable: eggs, electronic appliances, glass products, fresh fruits and vegetables and other packaging.

10 most commonly used packaging inner


Sponge is a very common liner that can be flocked.

Advantages: good elasticity, good toughness, cushioning, shock absorption, heat insulation, moisture and so on.

Application: low cost, can all kinds of packaging liner

10 most commonly used packaging inner

5.Corrugated Board

Colorful corrugated board is often used to make stands for cosmetic boxes.

Advantages: folding resistance, aging resistance, high bearing strength, tensile, compression, tearing, temperature resistance, etc..

Applicable: Packaging for various industry fields such as electronics, food, medicine, and so on.


The use of cardboard to make the inner tray is also the more commonly used way of inner tray.

Advantage: can realize a variety of printing processes

Applicable: Mostly electronic products.

10 most commonly used packaging inner


If the product is diverse, you can choose raffia grass.

Advantages: toughness, no odor, no color loss, many colors.

10 most commonly used packaging inner
10 most commonly used packaging inner


Blister are the most common inner  for packaging boxes.

Applications: electrical appliances, cosmetics, food, digital electronics .

10 most commonly used packaging inner
10 most commonly used packaging inner

9.Pulp inner

Pulp inner is environmentally friendly and biodegradable, and is a very popular way of embodying packaging today.

Advantages: environmental protection and degradation, no pollution.

Applicable: cosmetics, electronic products, food and so on. The most common is the drink takeaway

10 most commonly used packaging inner
10 most commonly used packaging inner

10.Silk lining

Silk lining

Suitable for expensive packaging, as decoration

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