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12 Small Details to Increase Sales Through Packaging

How to Increase Sales Through Packaging? Packaging design should not only visually attract specific consumer groups but also psychologically capture consumers’ excitement and desire to buy. According to Mr. Lando, an American industrial design master, a good designer must be a shrewd psychologist. The design idea of packaging should be consumer-centered and find ways to stimulate and meet the psychological needs of consumers.

Consumer Purchase Motivation:

When consumers buy goods, the process of awareness of goods includes seven stages: attention, interest, association, desire, comparison, dependence, and action.

  1. Attention stage: This is the first impression consumers have when entering the store. The packaging should have a clear pattern, prominent text, eye-catching colors, and a strong visual impact to attract consumers’ attention within a short time.
  2. Interest stage: Different consumers have different style preferences. Design the packaging to meet the different styles preferred by consumers, considering factors such as color, shape, text, and patterns. Whether it’s a literary, retro, or wild style, cater to the diverse consumer preferences.
  3. Association stage: Packaging with a sense of novelty, character, and beauty easily induces rich associations in consumers.
  4. Desire stage: Attract consumers through various sensory means such as sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. Emphasize excellent quality, reasonable price, ease of use, and appealing aesthetics to impress consumers’ hearts and stimulate their desire to buy.
  5. Comparison stage: Display the shape, color, taste, performance, and use of the goods to facilitate easy comparison and selection for consumers. This stage plays a crucial role in consumers’ decision-making process.
  6. Dependence stage: Packaging should make consumers feel dependent on the goods. Establish a strong brand image, display quality product logos, showcase quality certification marks, and provide factual instructions to enhance consumers’ sense of dependence on the product.
  7. Action stage: After going through the previous stages, consumers decide to purchase the goods, completing the consumption process.

Packaging Design Strategy:

  1. Convenience: Design packaging that is convenient and aligns with the fast-paced contemporary life. Transparent or open-window packaging for food allows easy selection, combination packaging for gift baskets enhances usability, and packaging for soft drinks focuses on portability. Convenience increases the attractiveness of the goods.
  2. Practical: The design of the product and packaging should meet the core needs of consumers and provide real value. For example, a rice bag can not only contain rice but also facilitate measuring the right amount of water for cooking and be reusable.
  3. Interesting: Interesting packaging appeals not only to children but also to adults. Bright colors and unique shapes can be applied to packaging to create interest.
  4. Aesthetics: In this era of social media and visual appeal, beautiful packaging stimulates consumers’ high-level social needs. The artistic charm of the packaging attracts buyers and serves as a driving force for repeated purchases and brand loyalty.
  5. Novelty: Especially among young people, uniqueness and differentiation are sought after. By incorporating taboo colors and breaking traditional shapes, product packaging can guide trends and create a sense of fashion. Understanding consumer psychology, catering to their preferences, satisfying their needs, and inspiring their emotions are key to standing out in the competitive market.
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