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2024 Five Favorite Packaging Materials for Young People

In recent years, packaging and brand design are chasing the wave of rejuvenation, all want to fully capture the hearts and preferences of young people.

In fact, it is difficult to find a very standard design evaluation system, but from a commercial point of view or a certain creative path, such as in the choice of packaging materials, I have collated the following five kinds of young people by the current favorite material.

1、PVC transparent material

Layered patterns, three-dimensional changes, can be hazy or transparent, colorful, and easy to use as an organizer for the second environmental protection.

2..Environmentally friendly corrugated paper material

Express box model, unique aesthetic, low cost, suitable for small business start-up packaging

3.Environmentally friendly pulp material

Replace plastic, biodegradable, closer to nature

4. Art paper as packaging material

Tactile, high value packaging. Natural three-dimensional

5.High quality silver card metal film

Futuristic, Science Fiction, Light and Shadow Transformation

Nice packaging design is not only reflected in the design, but also in the appropriate combination of materials and industry, while taking into account the cost of the product to present the finished product to the target group in the best possible way.

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