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8 common types of packaging box you must know

Types of packaging box: which is your choice? Here are the types reference for your view.

  1. Lid and base  / Set up box /rigid box with lid and base
    • It is composed of a box lid and a bottom cover,  lid is a little bit larger than base for better closing and opening .
    • It costs more material ,but with good touching and looking , it is used for gift packing to promote brand image.
  2. Drawer box /Slide in box
    • This kind of box  is with a opening drawer,which is very convenient to open and close. This box style is with good quality ,which can pack different products
  3. Mailing box
    • The box looks like a plane when unfolded . we donot need to glue any part which save transportation and labor cost . also this box is usually used for as a mailing box . 
  4. Box with Window
    • Box with window is usually used for display . we cut a window and put a transparent  PET on ,then customer can see the products inside.
  5. Tuck-in  card box
    • This card box is usually made by c1s artpaper or CCNB , once die cut ,then glue by machine. This is a cheap box which can be used for 3c products ,and some cosmetic products.
  6. Rigid folding box with magnetic closure
    • This is box style is made by greyboard , you can take off the adhesive tape on the 4 corners ,then you can close the box .
    • Once unfolded ,the transportation cost is much lower than rigid set up box .
    • People usually use this box for clothing and shoes , cosmetics
  7. Bookshaped box
    • Bookshaped box is made by greyboard , it can be closed by magnets or ribbon . People use this box style for wine packing or cosmetic packing
  8. Special-shaped box
    • More and more people like special shaped box , which can only be made by hands , such as heart box , round box ,oval box etc . These box styles are widely used in handmade chocolate ,flowers and toys .
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