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8 Creative Flip-Top Packaging Box Design

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YouTube video

The simpler, the more advanced. This flip-top baffle box we made adopts the concept of de-labeling in appearance. It only uses pure white textured art paper to present a sense of organization and high-end. When the lid is opened, the core adopts a single-board magnetic opening structure. It makes it easier for colleagues to completely remove the product and adds a sense of ritual to the unboxing!

Pack this beauty and look forward to seeing you next time.

The packaging adds some little touches, making it very ceremonial.

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Liftable packaging box | The whole process of high-end gift box proofing and production is revealed by the master’s pure handmade production process.

YouTube video
YouTube video
Listen quietly! The sound of tearing open the box is so healing. The creative design of the little bear turns the dark circles under his eyes into a cute bear with big eyes.

Advantages of the box type: 1. Easy to unfold and transport flat, reducing transportation costs; 2. Portable assembly, no need for any glue, just fold the buckles.

Extended diversity: Any inner support and fixed products can be customized according to the product, and the external mounting material can also be replaced with different colors of environmentally friendly art paper and printed patterns.

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Simple and high-end, split flip-top packaging gift box display. Packaging is the first face of the brand and the bridge of communication with customers. This gift box uses FSC environmentally friendly special paper, pure pulp, and the envelope is matched with colorless embossing technology to create a sense of layering and high-end. It is also paired with laser gold technology. The overall design is simple, high-end, and environmentally friendly, without unnecessary printing pollution.

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