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9 Different Types Of Printing Term You Must Know

Learn below printing terms, you will communicate more professional with the printing factory.

1. Preflight

Product quality checks can be performed on this document before printing it or submitting it to the customer.

2. Full Shop

When setting the background color, the background color covers the entire page.

3. Four-color black

When setting the color, when K=100 and CMY also takes a value greater than 0, it is called four-color black. For example: C=30 M=50 Y=25 K=100

4. Over the back

Due to the excessive amount of ink during printing, the paper is prone to mutual disgust when stacked.

5. Film

Also known as film, a set of color offset printing plates includes at least 4 film sheets, representing the four colors of C M Y K

6. Outlets

Dots are the lowest primitives of gradation and color expressed in the printing process, and all continuous tone and halftone images in printed matter are expressed through dots

7. Imposition

Imposition is to splice individual pages into a relatively large printing plate that meets the size of the printing machine and meets the needs of binding before printing.

8. Electrical points

Electricity is electronic color separation. In the traditional sense, the image is divided into four independent colors of CM Y K by using an electronic color separation machine, which is usually called an electric separation machine.

9. Neutral gray

The RGB equivalence produces a grayscale, which is called a neutral grayscale

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