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About corrugated cardboard boxes you need to know knowledge

Common cartons are three-layer corrugated boxes and five-layer corrugated boxes.

Three-layer corrugated: also known as single-flute double-sided corrugated board, consists of one layer of corrugated core paper and two layers of paper.

Three-layer corrugated board is suitable for small cartons and village boards for medium and outer packaging.

Five-layer corrugated: Also known as double-flute double-sided corrugated board, it consists of two layers of corrugated core paper, one layer of interlayer and two layers of laminated paper.

Five-layer tatami paperboard with more paper, high strength, can withstand the force of heavy objects in all directions, generally used to make packaging heavier, larger items such as color TVs, refrigerators and other cardboard boxes, mainly used for transportation packaging.

Don’t think that three-layer cartons and five-layer cartons are made of three or five types of face paper laminated together. Even if they are all three-layer corrugated boxes, each layer of paper core paper will have a variety of thickness options. So even if they are all three layers of corrugated cartons, there will be a difference in thickness.

Carton can also be divided into sticky box and nail box as shown in the picture. Generally can be used sticky box, heavy objects with nail box. Note that Amazon shipping can only use sticky box

Cartons are available with no printing, color printing, and single printing.

The content printed on the front and back is called the main mark, and the content printed on the two sides is called the side mark.

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