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Our Story

Shenzhen. Since 2008

How We Started

It’s started with a dream to help the customers that need packaging box design, production, sales, brand building and marketing, shipping.

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Our Story

Like many of our customers, we began as a start-up business. Our founder, Cindy, wanted to help customers with the packaging box design, production, shipment, and promotion. She worked with +10 factories with more than 15+ professional packaging production experiences to develop the business to manage this more efficiently.

Cindy realized that packaging design and recycled material are so important for customers and also the safety of the shipment. She employed a responsible and professional design and e-commerce market team to support customers in improving their sales performance and brand building. And the high quality is the basic.

All the factories have certification of ISO and FSC. That also
contribute our respect to the earth.

We built in 2008 and until now, very glad to help +customers something.

We understand our customers’ needs and the challenges they face. Like them, ZD packaging has innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit at heart.


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Mission & Vision

ZD Packaging is devoted to enhancing customers’ sales and assisting them in brand building through exceptional packaging box design

One-stop green packaging solution, letting customers lay back and relax is our mission. We insist on this as we know the most value is there.

We love our reputation and hope the process of ordering from us will make customers feel easy and safe and happy.

Like making friends, we hope we could be the standout and special ones.

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Packaging box design Experts

One-Stop Green Packaging Box Solution, 24/7 service to save your time and make everything be efficient and safe. If you need us, contact our packaging experts to solve all your packaging issues.

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Vivian Tan

Oversea Sales Manager

Natalie Xu

Oversea Sales Manager

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0086 18979913293

vivian@hkzdprint.com natalie@hkzdprint.com

Room X1301-E013106 No.1st, No.106 FengZe Dong Road, Nansha District Guangzhou, China

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