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Corrugated Board in different used

Common uses of corrugated cardboard in packaging:

Here are some common uses of corrugated cardboard in packaging:

Boxes: Corrugated cardboard boxes can be used to package a variety of items, such as electronics, food, and household goods. They typically have good compression strength, protecting items from damage during transportation and storage.

Packaging filler: Corrugated cardboard can be cut into various shapes and used as packaging filler. They can be used to fill gaps to prevent items from shifting or colliding during transportation and storage.

Board: Corrugated cardboard can also be made into board used to make various packaging and display boxes. This material typically has good flatness and stiffness, making it suitable for high-end product packaging.

Shelf display: Corrugated cardboard can also be made into various display shelves and product display boards for showcasing products in stores. This material is lightweight, easy to assemble, and convenient for displaying and changing products.

In summary, corrugated cardboard is a versatile packaging material widely used in various industries, including electronics, food, and home furnishings.

Please click below to watch the production process of the packaging box.

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