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Different products, choose different packaging, different printing process

let us introduce the four ways of printing. It is very important to choose the most suitable process according to the printing medium

Planographic printing

Roller printing paper is fast and large, and is often used to print newspapers and magazines

8 color sheet press

The most important feature of lithographic printing is that the print pattern (the part that is coated with ink) and the non-print pattern are on the same plane. The mainstream mu printing in lithographic printing is to print the ink to the rubber cylinder, and then printed on the paper by the pressure cylinder, because the printing plate will not directly contact the paper ink will not stain, so it is very suitable for high-quality printing, even if the paper is not smooth also have the opportunity to overcome, and aluminum metal plate making is relatively easy.

Intaglio printing

Gravure printing is a printing method in which ink is filled into the lower intaglio pattern. Gravure printing gives a fine layered , which makes it ideal for printing photographs. The ink also dries quickly after printing, so it is also suitable for printing large quantities of color magazines.

Screen printing

Screen printing is a method of partially hollowing out the print pattern on the printing plate and allowing the ink to be transferred through the mesh holes. Screen printing is mostly used when the substrate is made of glass, metal, plastic, etc., or curved surfaces such as bottles and cans, or when there are special printing needs such as floating effects.

Letterpress printing

Letterpress printing is a printing method in which the ink on the printing plate is printed directly onto the paper by applying pressure to the ink with a raised print pattern. Because the plate is in direct contact with the paper, it leaves an indentation or a thicker edge of ink, giving a strong and powerful impression, and is often used on coarse-faced papers such as comics and magazines.

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