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Eco-friendly packaging Trends in 2023

Environmental protection and sustainable development are hot topics in today’s society, and many brands are beginning to incorporate environmental concepts into their product designs and packaging. For consumers, environmentally-friendly packaging is no longer just about recyclable and renewable characteristics, as many new environmental packaging trends have emerged.

The three R’s

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle – are fundamental principles of sustainable waste management. The beauty brand Trèstique has taken this concept to the next level with their zero-waste packaging makeup line, which encourages customers to participate in the recycling process. The packaging is designed to use up to 86% of recycled materials, reducing the use of initial plastics by 90%. What sets this brand apart is their commitment to encouraging customers to return their recyclable packaging, offering a 30% discount on their next purchase. By incentivizing recycling and encouraging repeat purchases, Trèstique has created a positive feedback loop that benefits both the environment and consumers.

Reusable packaging

For products such as cosmetics packaging that are difficult to reuse, some brands are also trying to address this issue. For example, organic cosmetics brand Kjaer Weis has launched refillable cosmetics packaging boxes, allowing consumers to purchase the “core” of cosmetics at a lower price, avoiding waste.

The rise of biobased materials

The rise of biobased materials is also a new trend in environmentally-friendly packaging. These materials are sourced from natural substances such as dead or living plants and animals, and have good ecological friendliness. After disposal, they can be decomposed and re-enter the natural cycle. For example, the use of edible starch packaging paper can provide more protection for food in packaging, and the use of soy-based ink can further enhance ecological friendliness.

Antimicrobial food packaging

Another environmental packaging trend is antimicrobial food packaging. This packaging can use substances such as zeolites to prevent food from being contaminated by bacteria and other harmful microorganisms, improving food safety and freshness.

Finally, optimizing the use of recycled materials is also an important trend in environmentally-friendly packaging. Many non-PET plastic food packaging cannot be recycled and reused for new food packaging, so optimizing the use of recycled materials can reduce waste and environmental pollution. For example, Emmi latte cups use chemically recycled materials that can be used as food contact materials, avoiding the risk of contaminating food.

In summary, the development trend of environmentally-friendly packaging is diverse, and brands should use environmentally-friendly materials and designs as much as possible to promote sustainable development. This can contribute to environmental protection and meet consumers’ needs for environmental protection and sustainability.

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