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Gift Boxes: Elevate Your Packaging Game with ZHENGDE

In the world of packaging, gift boxes reign supreme. With the rise in consumer demand for these exquisite boxes, the market is flourishing, and manufacturers are on the rise. At ZHENGDE, we have been immersed in the world of gift boxes for years, offering unparalleled expertise in the industry. For those new to the art of gift box production, here’s a glimpse into our craft:

1. Plate Making: Gift boxes are all about aesthetics, and that starts with the plate making process. Our gift boxes boast a rich array of colors, including the four basic hues and specialty spot colors like shimmering gold and silver.

2. Paper Selection: Choosing the right paper is crucial. We typically use double copper or matte copper paper, with weights ranging from 125G to 157G. We avoid going above 200G as excessively thick paper can lead to foaminess and a lackluster appearance. Mounting paper, on the other hand, varies based on customer needs and is usually double gray paper, also known as gray board paper or gray cardboard.

3. Printing: Gift boxes are a canvas for artistic expression, and we take the printing process seriously. We print only on the wrapping paper, with mounting paper receiving, at most, a dye treatment. Our commitment to quality ensures no color discrepancies, ink spots, or printing defects that might detract from the overall aesthetic.

4. Surface Treatment: To enhance the appearance of the gift box wrapping paper, we employ various surface treatments. Common options include over-gloss glue, over-matte glue, over-UV, over-gloss oil, and over-matte oil.

5. Cutting: Precision matters in the world of gift box production. While traditional knife molds were once the norm, our state-of-the-art gift box cutting machines have become the preferred choice. They deliver high precision, speed, and versatility, effortlessly handling complex box shapes.

6. Mounting: Unlike traditional printing processes, gift box mounting follows a unique approach. We cut the box first and then mount it. This not only prevents damage to the wrapping paper but also ensures that the gift box achieves an impeccable overall appearance. Our meticulous handcrafting guarantees beauty in every detail.

7. Final Touches: Depending on your requirements, we can add hole punches or apply a final layer of adhesive on the surface. With these finishing touches, your gift box is ready for packaging and delivery.

The above overview provides a glimpse into the artistry and precision that define ZHENGDE’s gift box production. If you seek more detailed information or wish to explore our wide range of gift box offerings, please don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated online customer service team. Elevate your packaging game with ZHENGDE, where every gift box is a work of art.

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