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How to custom packaging box in 2023?

What is custom packaging box?

Custom paper packaging boxes can be a great way to promote your brand and create a unique packaging experience for your customers. ZD Packaging will share some steps to follow to create custom paper packaging boxes:

Tips for custom packaging box

  1. Determine the size and shape – Decide on the size and shape of your custom paper packaging box based on the product you want to package.
  2. Choose the paper and finish – Choose the type of paper you want to use for your box and consider the finish you want, such as glossy or matte.
  3. Design the box – Create a design for your custom paper packaging box. You can use a graphic designer or design software to create a custom design that fits your brand.
  4. Add branding and messaging – Incorporate your brand logo, messaging, and other branding elements into the design of the box.
  5. Select printing method – Choose the printing method that will be used to print your design on the box. Common printing methods include digital, offset, and flexographic printing.
  6. Request a sample – Request a sample of your custom paper packaging box to ensure that it meets your specifications and expectations.
  7. Place your order – Once you have approved the sample, place your order for the custom paper packaging boxes.


Remember, custom paper packaging boxes can take time to create, so plan ahead and give yourself plenty of time to design, print, and receive your custom boxes.

Please click below to watch the production process of the packaging box.

YouTube video

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