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The 47 essential papers you can’t afford to miss for making packaging!How to know what each paper is used for, its grammage, advantages and disadvantages. (Part 1.)

Gung Ho Paper

The specification of gung Ho paper is 100gsm, which is suitable for printing all kinds of office and publicity supplies in large hotels, hotels and enterprises.

120gsm:Printing envelopes, books, company reports, menus, catalogs, product manuals, advertisements, posters.

Envelope:gugu Rice gold

220gsm:produce business cards, company report covers, invitations, greeting cards, recipes, booklet covers, etc.

Pearlescent Paper

The surface is very smooth, thicker, more reflective and pearlescent.

1. Low surface energy, poor adsorption performance of ink than ordinary whiteboard paper surface energy is much smaller, in printing ink is not easy to adhere to absorb, not easy to dry

2. surface pearl effect is easy to be destroyed. Relatively speaking, the cost is higher.

Application scope: high-grade albums, books and magazines, exquisite packaging, packaging boxes, greeting cards, etc.

Petal Paper / Botanical Paper


1, With rustic surface texture and rich feel;.

2、Imbedded with flower petals, grass, leaves, etc.;.

3, paper with strong toughness, acid-free, environmental protection.

4, paper texture natural even into, colorful, extremely rich oriental beauty; 5, material stability, anti-corrosion, anti-corrosion, long storage does not deteriorate.


Usage: Picture albums, note pads, letterheads, etc.

Picture albums, memo pads, letterheads, postcards, greeting cards,

Wrapping paper, handbag, etc.

Cloth paper

It is an entry-level choice for fine paper business cards. Cloth paper mainly reflects the texture of the business card through the grain, there are fine cloth grain, linen grain, white water grain, pinstripe, Leni grain and so on.

120g, 200g, 250g, 280g, 300g


High-grade albums, books, fine packaging, boxes, greeting cards, hangtags, business cards.

Leatherette Paper

The texture of leather grain paper is deeper, the surface is uneven, leather grain paper has a wide range of uses, the thicker grams are suitable for sample covers and tenders, and the thinner grams are suitable for gift wrapping and framing covers.

120g, 200g, 250g, 280g, 300g.


Binding covers, advertising, certificate inserts, menus, bookmarks, bookbinding.

Eggshell Paper

Its surface texture is as delicate as the surface of the eggshell, the color rendering real soft, mostly used to reflect a person’s temperament of the artist eggshell texture has a sense of touch, more three-dimensional feeling some of the


Usage:High-grade albums, books and magazines, fine packaging, boxes

greeting cards, tags, business cards

Tactile paper

Tactile paper is a kind of paper with a velvet touch, the processing technology is more complicated, but the

printing effect is better.

Commonly used in high-grade packaging boxes


Usage:albums, leather products, backboards, gift boxes, jewelry boxes, cell phone boxes, notebooks, advertising boards, calendars, desk calendars.

Golden Onion Paper

Is to spray the golden onion powder on the paper to form the product unique frosted, shiny effect with a strong color effect and frosted touch, with the refraction of light completely subverted the traditional concept of special paper and the impression of the performance of other materials can not be replaced by the shiny effect.


Usage: Packaging boxes, decorative materials, stationery, gifts, etc.

Frosted gold/Silver


Usage:Tea packaging, tea cakes and tea bricks, food and medicine packaging process, calligraphy, painting, books, lanterns, umbrellas, lampshade paper fans, kites, moisture-proof and insect-proof, handicrafts packaging.

Cotton paper


Usage: Invitation, greeting card, business card, tea packaging

Phoenix Tail Paper


Usage:Binding cover, advertising, certificate inside, menu

Bookmarks, bookbinding

Starlight Transparent Paper


Usage:Packaging/printing, similar to sulfuric acid paper

Clouds of Soft Veil


Usage: book title page, tea packaging, handmade books, gift packaging

Anger paper


Usage:High-grade albums, books, fine packaging, boxes, greeting cards, hang tags, business cards

Canvas Paper

116g, 151g

Usage:book binding ring lining, cover, envelope, album Greeting card, postcard

Linen paper

116g, 151g

Usage: book binding ring liner, cover, envelope, album, greeting card, postcard .

Lace Paper

116g, 151g

Usage:Book title page, picture album, greeting card, wine label, wrapping paper

Bamboo silk paper

120g, 160g, 200g

Usage: Book title page, picture album, greeting card, wine label, wrapping paper

Handbag, hangtag, name card paper

Edo Koizen


Usage: Book title page, gift wrapping, artwork,

High-grade wine box

Eames Paper


Usage: Book title page, albums, greeting cards, wine labels, wrapping paper handbags, hang tags, business card paper

Tang Liu pattern


Usage:handmade books, tea packaging, gift packaging, artwork

Rock Paper


Product packaging, wine labels, books, covers

Ice Jade Paper



Flower wrapping, handmade books, book title page, gift wrapping

Silk paper

80g, 120g


Book title page, paper bag, envelope, picture album, greeting card, postcard,

Wine label

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