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The Lid and Base Boxes Type in Gift Box Packaging

As a gift box packaging manufacturer, we have found that the most commonly customized box type by customers is the lid and base boxes type. In the market, most gift boxes, such as tea boxes, clothing boxes, shoe boxes, gift boxes, phone boxes, etc., are primarily designed with the lid and base box boxes type.

Lid and base boxes can be categorized based on their shape into square,rectangular , circular , heart-shaped , and irregular-shaped lid and base boxes, among others. These various types of lid and base boxes are used across various industries, having their wide applicability.

For example, circular lid and base boxes are commonly used for tea packaging, heart-shaped lid and base boxes are often used for packaging flowers, chocolates, and other romantic gifts, while rectangular and square lid and base boxes are more common for general purposes.

The Lid and base box type is simpler compared to flip-top boxes, foldable boxes, drawer boxes, and other box types. Even lid and base boxes with edge wraps are not overly complex. Typically, a lid and base box consists of an upper lid and a lower lid, with the upper lid fully or partially covering the lower lid, making it easy to open. In the same size category, the production cost of Heaven and Earth Lid boxes is often lower than that of other box types.

The separation of the box lid and base significantly enhances the load-bearing capacity of the packaging box, meeting the basic needs of packaging and transportation.

In summary, considering the above points, it is easy to understand why lid and base packaging boxes have remained so popular in the packaging industry for many years. If you have any requirements for lid and base paper boxes or any other gift box packaging, please feel free to contact ZHENGDE Packaging. With 18 years of experience in custom gift box packaging, ZHENGDE Packaging can provide you with professional custom packaging services.

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