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The sense of surprise in packaging design comes from the way it is opened

What new challenges does the “current retail environment” bring to designers?

In the general environment of consumer downturn, it will be more and more difficult for designers to do packaging design for brands, from the initial demand of highlighting product selling points, to the dual consideration of product selling points + aesthetic upgrade, to the triple cooperation of product selling points + aesthetic upgrade + experience upgrade, the complexity of packaging design needs to be considered more and more, which is the new challenge for designers in the current consumer environment.

From the functional to the aesthetic and then to the experience, designers will need to solve complex and compounding issues.

Creating a unique packaging opening experience for the brand is an important part of the packaging experience upgrade. Some believe that packaging is the primary way to materialize a brand because it represents the brand and is used throughout the major touch points of the brand to bring it to life. Packaging is the container of brand products, consumers can pick this packaging from many brands, in the process of experiencing the packaging and enhancing confidence in this brand, then the mission of packaging design will be perfectly achieved.

A packaging component, Except to the visual and cost that everyone cares more about, the opening experience is the part that is easier to ignore.

Lid and base paper box

Advantages:Pick up the product experience special, suitable for daily use of the product, can be used as a desktop ornament to enhance the connection between the brand and consumers every time they use it.

Recommended products for use:Suitable for individual  packaging products, such as tea bags, probiotics, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Square side-opening box

Advantages:Suitable for products that need to be picked up several times over a long period of time, with a smooth sense of opening and closing, easy to pick up the product. The side opening box and outer box can be designed with a sense of conflict, or add an emotional communication copy to increase emotional resonance.

Recommended products for use:with independent packaging, such as tea, hanging ear coffee, candy, chocolate, etc.

Cigarette box

Advantages:The convenience of picking up the product breaks the established impression of cigarette boxes and creates a contrasting experience, while the advantage of the pick-up method enhances the sense of sharing, which can improve social attributes.

Recommended products for use: Strip packaging, individual packaging, probiotics, coffee and other powder categories.

Two-way pull-out box

Advantages:The opening ceremony is strong, with a high sense of value. Pulling open can be printed with a special process, highlighting the brand color, adding emotional communication copy, etc.

Recommended products for use: Products with high unit price, such as trendy toys, shoes and bags, high-end health care products, etc.

Irregular rigid box

Advantages:Strong uniqueness of appearance, high sense of value, special appearance and brand symbols can make a strong connection, improve brand attributes, strengthen brand symbols, etc.

Recommended products for use: Suitable for products with heavy weight and high unit price, such as trendy toys, scented candles, perfumes, etc.

Advantages:Can highlight brand symbols, better to create a series of sense packaging, flip inside the box can be done to highlight single product selling points or to create a series of brand patterns.

Recommended products for use: suitable for independent inner packaging products, such as tea bags, probiotics, coffee, etc.

Double-door airplane box


Airplane box is commonly used for everything, double doors can be accessories and gifts have a good storage.

Recommended products for use: suitable for independent accessories more or gifts more categories.

Special Shaped flip-top box


The embossing process gives a safe, unopened feeling, and the embossed shape can highlight the brand symbol, and the flip back can highlight the product selling point or brand symbol.

Recommended products for use:  Suitable for products with independent inner packaging, wide range of categories.

Triangular flip-top box:


Get rid of the traditional square box imprint, through the special appearance and easy to open the experience, improve the consumer’s goodwill to the brand.

Recommended products for use: :Suitable for products with independent inner packaging, the category is widely applicable.

Double- flip-top box: 


The multi-flip-top increases the ritual of opening and adds more area for brand communication, while the flip-top shape greatly reduces the difficulty of unifying the brand packaging version.

Recommended products for use: suitable for products with independent inner packaging, and the category is widely applicable.

Please click below to watch the production process of the packaging box.

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