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Unleash your business’s potential by outshining competitors at every turn. The key to this triumphant feat lies in your product’s packaging – a simple yet powerful tool to showcase your brand.

Packaging: The Gateway to Success In a mere seven seconds, consumers make up their minds about purchasing. Astonishingly, 90% of these decisions are driven by subconscious factors, with packaging playing a pivotal role in crafting that all-important first impression.


With one-third of consumer decision-making influenced by packaging, its significance on store shelves cannot be overstated. Furthermore, packaging serves as a potent vehicle to bolster your brand image and differentiate your product from the rest.

Understanding What Consumers Crave Branding Packaging must not only reveal the product but, more importantly, embody the essence of your brand. It must captivate and connect with loyal consumers who seek out your unmistakable presence. Even budget brands make their identity crystal clear, as customers won’t buy what they can’t recognize.

Consumers adore and trust logos, which contribute to building a consistent brand. By prominently featuring your brand on the packaging, you take a significant stride towards creating brand cohesion—a 20% increase in brand value awaits those who succeed.

Design In the realm of packaging, design provides a pivotal advantage over your competitors. Rather than sticking to conventional patterns, embracing unique designs can captivate attention. However, tread carefully, as excessively unorthodox packaging may deter potential buyers.

Appealing aesthetics hold a special place in consumers’ hearts, setting expectations that manufacturers must meet. Studies reveal that attractive packaging triggers more intense brain activity than neutral counterparts. Pleasing packaging even activates reward-associated brain regions, delivering an emotional impact that rational individuals cannot resist.

Colour Effective use of colors in packaging contributes to overall attractiveness, drawing consumers towards your product. Color serves as a powerful tool to command attention, with a staggering 93% of buyers prioritizing visual appeal. Among these, 85% cite color as the primary reason behind their purchasing decisions.

Selecting the right color scheme requires careful consideration, as each hue carries unique connotations. Green evokes health, tranquility, and nature, while purple embodies royalty, wisdom, and respect.


Accessibility Consumers truly appreciate packaging that is user-friendly when purchasing products. While focusing on design and color schemes, ensuring accessibility takes precedence.

For products intended for multiple uses, easily resealable packaging is a must. A survey revealed that 55% of respondents found difficult-to-open packaging to be their top annoyance.

Ecological Aspects As awareness of sustainable living grows, consumers increasingly demand “green” packaging. This entails recyclable or reusable materials and minimalistic designs that reduce waste. Companies are actively striving to minimize their packaging footprint to meet these consumer expectations.

Accreditation Consumers seek clarity and reassurance when purchasing products. Displaying accreditation, whether from us or other certifiers, gives your product a competitive edge. Certification empowers consumers with the knowledge that your product meets specific criteria, fostering trust and confidence.

Simplicity In the realm of effective marketing, simplicity often reigns supreme, with “clean labeling” emerging as a current trend. Consumers crave essential product details, and packaging should offer clear, concise information about your brand, product, and sustainability.

Amidst today’s overstimulating market, moments of visual calm are rare gems. When consumers encounter simple packaging, they instinctively gravitate towards its understated allure.

Finding the Perfect Balance Striking the perfect balance between attractiveness, uniqueness, and simplicity poses a challenge, even for established brands. While we at KLBD understand the importance of accreditations—especially Kosher certification—we cannot directly assist with your

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