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What should be paid attention to when choosing paper?

Application object The application types of paper can be roughly divided into: Brand Image Books and albums Product Packaging Stationery

Different application objects: There are different requirements for the material, texture, weight, and bulk of paper, and the requirements for the fineness of the printing effect are also different.

Processing technology

The processing technology of paper needs to choose the appropriate paper according to the technology involved in the design draft. It mainly includes three steps:

Printing art

In terms of printing process, screen printing is suitable for almost all papers. Four-color offset printing and digital printing mainly use white paper, and paper of different textures needs to correspond to different thick lines in four-color offset printing to ensure that the image will not be distorted.

Surface Technology

Hot stamping needs to use paper with high smoothness to ensure that it can carry high-precision dot images; the concave-convex pressing process requires paper to have a certain thickness and toughness to avoid cracking under pressure, and the thicker the paper, the more effective it will be.

After process

In terms of subsequent processes, most of them have to consider the toughness and folding resistance of paper.

Paper color

Paper color is divided into paper color and printing color.

The original color of paper is special paper, which is formed at the pulp stage. Even if the paper is torn apart, the exposed fractured surface is the same color as the surface, and there is no need to worry about smearing and fading.

Printing and coloring

Printing and coloring is to attach colors to white paper through four-color offset printing, screen printing, etc. Generally speaking, the surface of coated paper will be more delicate, the ink absorption will be stronger, the color reproduction will be better, and the details will be displayed better.

Patterns and elements

The embossing technology will directly affect the fiber structure of the paper, and the fineness of the embossing will be related to the accuracy of the printing effect. Elemental paper with additional particles such as tea, bamboo, cotton, and pearls will also change the smoothness of the paper. It is suitable for screen printing, simple offset printing, bronzing, laser engraving, etc., and is mostly used for image paper and product packaging.

Weight and Bulk Grammage and bulk The weight and bulk of paper are related to the thickness, weight and foldability of printed matter.

Gram weight

Refers to the weight of the paper. For the same type of paper, low-weight paper is lighter and thinner, but it is easy to wrinkle when printed on the machine, and it is easy to see through ink when printed on both sides.

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