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Window Candy Boxes: Perfect for Displaying Sweets

Window candy boxes are the ideal packaging solution for showcasing your sweet treats. This article ZD Packaging will explore many aspects of window candy boxes, including their purpose, construction materials, and more. We will explore different types of window candy boxes such as clear, kraft, wholesale, small, large, custom, paper, gift, rectangle, and artisan window candy boxes. We’ll also show you where to get wholesale window candy boxes and how to put together your own. Get ready to learn why window candy boxes are so useful for both home and commercial candy stores.

Types of Window Candy Boxes

A. Candy tins with see-through lids

Due to their transparency, clear window candy boxes are one of the most common. These boxes are ideal for displaying colorful candies or intricately designed chocolates because the consumer can see the contents without having to open the box.

B.Boxes of Kraft window candy

Kraft window candy boxes look natural and rustic and come in a range of sizes. They’re constructed from sturdy kraft paper that will hold your candies securely. These boxes’ windows are typically lined with clear plastic for both visibility and protection.

C. Rectangle Window Candy Boxes

Candies of all shapes and sizes can be stored comfortably in rectangle window candy boxes. Because of their rectangular shape, they are an excellent option for displaying candies in ordered rows or patterns. They are a practical option for businesses due to their low maintenance and space-saving stackability.

D. Artisan Window Candy Boxes

Window candy boxes made by artisans are one-of-a-kind creations. They work wonderfully with truffles, chocolates, and other artisanal sweets. These boxes are favored by high-end candy companies because the window reveals not only the candies inside but also the quality of the packaging’s construction.

Window Candy Boxes

Where to Get Window Candy Boxes in Bulk for Your Company?

Businesses looking to stock up on wholesale window candy boxes should do their research before making any rash decisions. Online, you can find a wide selection of manufacturers and suppliers who are happy to fulfill large orders and provide customizations in terms of size, shape, and material. Some companies even offer personalization services so that the boxes can be made to fit in with the rest of your brand’s materials. If you want high-quality boxes at a reasonable price, it’s worth your time to shop around and compare prices and quality.

Things to Think About Before Buying Candy Boxes in Bulk from a Manufacturer

Buying candy boxes in bulk from a manufacturer calls for some careful deliberation. The first thing to think about is the quality of the boxes, which should be strong enough to safeguard the candies while also adding to their aesthetic value. Next, review the size options available, ensuring they accommodate your products perfectly. Check the clarity of the windows in the packaging as well, as this will allow the candies inside to shine through. Finally, if you want to add your company’s logo to the boxes, find out if the manufacturer provides that service. Keep in mind that your product’s presentation and the public’s impression of your brand can be greatly affected by the window candy boxes you choose.

How to Assemble Custom Candy Boxes?

If you follow the right instructions, assembling custom window candy boxes can be simple. For convenience in transport, these boxes typically have a flat profile. To put together, simply fold along the crease lines to create the box. Before putting your candy inside, make sure the box is nice and tight. The window portion is usually covered with a transparent film that allows customers to see the contents without opening the box.

Customizing Your Window Candy Boxes

Several alternatives exist for personalizing your window candy boxes. Putting your company’s logo on the box is a great way to get your name out there. You also have the option to customize the color palette to better represent your company. To add a touch of class, some factories even provide embossing and foil stamping. Keep in mind that the visual appeal of your candy packaging has a direct impact on sales, so it’s important to put effort into creating unique designs that communicate the high quality of your candies.

Material Choices for Window Candy Boxes

A. Common Supplies for Window Treat Containers

Depending on the intended use and desired look, window candy boxes can be crafted from a number of different materials. Cardboard is frequently used because of its affordability, adaptability, and durability. Another well-liked option is Kraft paper, which has both rustic charm and eco-friendliness. Clear plastic or cellophane is commonly used for the windows in these boxes so that the candies inside can be seen while still being kept safe.

B. Candy boxes: Picking the Right Material

The material you use for your window candy boxes should take a few things into account. Choose boxes made from recycled or kraft paper if environmental friendliness is important to your company. Glossy finishes on thicker card boards may be more appropriate if you’re going for a more upscale look and feel. The window material must be transparent and sturdy enough to provide an unobstructed view of the contents without compromising their safety in any way. If you want your packaging to look and feel a certain way, think carefully about the material you use for it.

ZD Packaging has about 15 years in the packaging box design. And we are committed to improving customers’ sales and helping them with brand building. Please contact us for more information.

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